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The Story of Mactivist

The idea for Mactivist came about after many conversations I had with my dear friend and colleague, Alia Salem, around the challenges nonprofits faced, especially in the American Muslim community. As employees of nonprofits ourselves, we are no strangers to the challenges that come with the job – the long hours, lack of resources, being in positions where there isn’t any growth, the feeling that the community is constantly depending on you…and the list can go on. To be fair, these challenges are not unique to the American Muslim community and exist in the general nonprofit community. But we noticed, there aren’t any conversations or resources to talk about this for American Muslims. This is where Mactivist comes in – to provide a space to have these conversations and learn from one another. The core of the posts on this blog will be around self-care, in every aspect that means and at every level (individual, team, and organizational). 

Investing time and effort into self-care takes a lot of work and time, and is a continuous learning journey of figuring out what works best for you. To be fully transparent, I am on my own journey of self-care and I hope to use this platform to share that journey as well as hold myself accountable. This means that I will try to update this blog regularly, but I may take some breaks in order to care for myself. I hope you enjoy reading our blog and join the conversation.